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Romantic Holidays in Portugal

Portugal is the perfect destination for a romantic retreat, a special weekend, to celebrate love and romance.

We have selected 6 destinations in Portugal, to discover with your better half.

Viana do Castelo


One of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, in the pretty Minho Region. It matches perfectly history, culture, and tradition. A perfect place for a moment for two.

What to do in Viana do Castelo

Our suggestion is to climb the Santuário de Santa Luzia and enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes in our country. Then, just stroll calmly through the streets and corners of this beautiful city and, hand in hand, make a stop to enjoy Natario’s famous “Bolas de Berlim”. At the end of the day, enjoy the fantastic sunset, that has the unique colors of this region, walking along Cabedelo Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Serra da Estrela


The perfect destination to be in contact with nature, to taste divine flavors, and to date by the fireplace.

What to do in Serra da Estrela

Traveling to Serra da Estrela, we suggest a stop to know the city of Viseu. A city with 2500 years of history, which has a register of roman, medieval, and Jewish influences.

Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in Portugal, is a place with rare natural beauty. In Winter you will be able to try snow activities, that can be practiced here. But, besides the snow, you can explore the extraordinary cultural, human and gastronomic richness of this place, walking to Lagoa Comprida and prepare yourself to face the cold in a journey of 5 km that ends in the famous Covão dos Conchos, which looks like a bottomless well, worthy of a fantastic film, but in reality, is a system created by man to drain the waters… but let’s keep our imagination in the fantastic

For both to recover from this walk, nothing better than an intimate dinner, by the fireplace, with the delicious food from Beira, the famous Serra da Estrela cheese, and, of course, the fantastic Dão region wines. A perfect place for romance.

Douro Valley


Douro Valley is a destination of exuberant natural beauty, with its terrace vines and the landscape dominated by the impressive Douro River. A romance destination par excellence.

What to do in Douro Valley

We suggest a program done at a calm rhythm in perfect nature communion. Choose one of the fantastic Douro viewpoints and stop there, relax and allow yourselves to be charmed by the magnificent landscape and share some wine between the two of you.

The region offers a great variety of wineries that you should visit, for a lunch for two, for wine tasting, or just for a romantic picnic in the vines. Always with no haste, at a relaxed pace.

But, raising, even more, expectations, nothing like an exclusive romantic cruise at the end of the day, in an elegant sailing boat, tasting delicious regional wine and spending the night on board.  A moment of pure enchantment in the calm waters of Douro.



Estorãos is a small Minho village, 6 kilometres away from Ponte de Lima. A place where time seems to have stopped and kept within the Minho region a genuine and warm environment.

The landscape is a magnificent mixture of colours, between the green of the fields and the Autumn colours of the vines and the crops, creating real idyllic settings. On each side of the stream, granite houses form this small village, linked by a Roman bridge.

What to do in  Estorãos

This place invites you to a romantic stay in the middle of nature. An ideal destination to spend time with each other, walking, cycling, or even horseback riding. For relaxing picnics near the river, let yourselves be rocked by the sound of the calm water.



Vast and majestic, the Serra do Buçaco is a place full of mysticism and history.

A destination where you can enjoy going for a walk and taking pictures to register the moments where both of you are in perfect communion with Nature.

What to do in Buçaco

The tranquillity and silence of this place invite you to its discovery. Go in this enchanted world and follow till the Vale dos Fetos and delight yourselves with its lakes, cool down in several fountains spread by the fence, and without any haste, enjoy the landscape. Walk calmly through all the historical tracks and go up to the Miradouro da Cruz Alta to contemplate one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

Leave also some time for both to rest and enjoy yourselves with the famous gastronomy of this region and taste the fantastic sparkling wines produced here.



In the Alentejo, is a city full of beauty and charm, considered by UNESCO a World Heritage site. It is a city where you feel the history, with the remains of the Roman presence, and the medieval era, but also the charm that one can only find in Alentejo cities and villages, with its white houses, its tiles, and its flowered balconies.

What to do in Évora

To walk inside the medieval walls through its picturesque cobbled streets, imbibing the secret soul of this city. Admire the Roman Temple, evidence of the Roman presence in the city, and dedicated to the worship of the goddess Diana. After this, it is time to come back to the present, taking a break at Praça do Giraldo, as an homage to Geraldo Geraldes who conquered the town from the Moors in 1167, also let yourselves be delighted by the delicious Alentejo’s gastronomy.

A special place for those who love beauty, gastronomy, history, and peace.

These are just a few ideas for a romantic short break, but Portugal is full of perfect places for couples, from bucolic villages, places where nature is almost untouched, to cities of great charm. It depends on your preference but there are a lot of perfect places to steal a kiss!