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5 Beautiful Beaches in Portugal

Portugal is a country of many charms and there are places where the Atlantic and the nature around it form idyllic settings with white and thin sandy beaches and a blue sea that you feel like plunging into.

We know it is not an easy choice, being the variety so big, but we have chosen 5 of the best heavenly places that you can find in Portugal.

The most beautiful beaches are a bit spread all over the coast and we hope that, to know them in loco, will be an inspiration, as places like those are worth to discover.

Caminha Beach, Minho Region

We start by the North and with this dreamy landscape, Caminha Beach, at the natural border between the North of Portugal and Spain.

Next to the mouth of Minho River, surrounded by the Mata Nacional do Camarido pine forest, this pretty beach offers us a break from the Atlantic waves.

In this place, you can find the peace and quietness of the Minho region beaches.

São Jacinto Beach, Aveiro

Aveiro, which is called the “Portuguese Venice” it is also famous as a beach destination. There are a lot of beaches in this region that you feel like discovering, but we have selected the São Jacinto beach. In the Reserva Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto, it is not easy to get there as access is quite difficult but, once you arrive the effort would have been worth it. You can get there crossing a long road from Torreira or getting the boat in Forte da Barra.

One of the attractions of this beach is having on one side the rougher waters of the Atlantic and on the other side, the calmer waters of Ria de Aveiro is being the perfect destination to practice surf or other water sports.

Galapinhos Beach, Arrábida Natural Park

A secret Paradise in the middle of untouched nature. It is one of the Arrábida Natural Park beaches that has a coast of white sandy beaches, and greenish crystal waters.

A calm sea, flat and transparent which invites you to go in.

Odemira Beach, Alentejo

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Alentejo Southeast. The cliffs are a dream scenery and make this one of the most popular beaches in this region.

Being away from any urban environment is the ideal refuge to enjoy moments of real relaxation and contact with nature in its purest state. A peaceful and quiet paradise.

Odeceixe Beach, Algarve

On the Vicentina Coast but already in the area of Algarve, we discover Odeceixe Beach. The beach is a long tongue of sand between the sea and the stream that flows into the north end, where several low water lagoons are formed, appealing for relaxing bathing. With an endless sand area and the particularity of having a river beach. So, you can choose to go for a swim either in the sea or in the river.

It is one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal in the category of Cliff beaches.

This is a suggestion of places to explore, to swim and relax in the sun, on the beautiful summer days. Besides that, you can find restaurants and bars, to shade yourself from the sun and to have a snack and a drink.