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Alentejo Tours


Endless plains that go as far as eyes can see, the landscape colors and the scents that come from the earth while the night settles. Alentejo is a unique region in Portugal, a place where time flows at the rhythm of the earth.

To visit Alentejo is to discover the rich heritage, traditions, gastronomy, fantastic landscapes, and magnificent beaches. All should be calmly enjoyed as here, the rush is a word that doesn’t exist.

The magnitude of the landscape is intersected by cork trees or olive trees which have been resisting through time. In the villages, the white single-story houses seem to remind us that here, life has another rhythm. The cultural heritage of the castles recalls the fights and conquests of this place, the beautiful gardens confirm the Moorish presence, in a unique journey through history. All this is Alentejo, a place where time and space merge.

In this beautiful region, you will also feel your rhythm slowing down, in an authentic contact with the local people, feeling their hearts and souls, breathing all the local calmness and happiness. A place of people who are very proud of their land, who maintain their traditions and like to share them.

Alentejo is also a wine-growing region of great tradition, with wines that surprise us with their excellence, both by their scent and colors, as remarkable as the landscape and the gastronomy.

A region that knows how to welcome and charm you!



Visa requirements

Visa in not needed for EU citizens. Everyone else need a visa.

Languages spoken


Curency used

Indonesian rupiah

Area (km2)

1.905 million km²

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