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5 Viewpoints in Porto

Porto is a city with a unique atmosphere and lifestyle. Here you will discover the city´s charm, the most genuine stories, and traditions, shared by the local people while walking through its narrow and winding streets. But on this pleasant experience, you must end the day by choosing one of the city´s most impressive viewpoints, relax and enjoy the view.

These are some of the viewpoints we would like to share with you, wonderful places to enjoy at the end of the day:

Passeio das Virtudes

Passeio das Virtudes (roughly translated as “pathway of virtues”) is one of the most famous viewpoints of Porto and is very famous among the locals and also the tourist that visits the city.

The pathway dates from 1619, and it was built to give access to a fountain, that still exists, where people could collect water.  The name Virtudes (virtues)  came from the fact that the water was so clear and fresh that the locals used to say it had miraculous properties!

It’s a perfect place to enjoy a sunny day with an astonishing view of the Douro River. From here you have a privileged view of the Arrábida bridge, and Jardim das Virtudes (Virtudes Garden).  the Locals gather here to relax, have some drinks, and talk.

Miradouro da Vitória

Located in the old Jewish quarter of Porto, it is one of the most perfect places to enjoy a great view of Porto. From here you can see Gaia, the wine lodges, the Dom Luis I bridge, the convent, the large glass dome of the Palacio da Bolsa, Sé Catedral, and all the house lights (which light up house staircases) all of Porto’s life in one fell swoop!

And it has the advantage that it is still relatively unknown….


Afurada is a traditional fishing village that preserves a simpler lifestyle. It is worth visiting this place, with its colorful streets and small restaurants where you can taste delicious fresh fish. From this village, you can enjoy an incredible view of the Douro River, the Arrábida bridge, and the Foz, where the river merges with the Atlantic.

It is also home to a communal laundry or washes house where the local washerwomen (lavadeiras) wash the family laundry in large tanks before leaving it to dry on lines strung out on the nearby beach.

Afurada is still not damaged by tourism so it´s a great place to spend an afternoon, enjoying the good weather and seeing a real genuine and picturesque place.

Igreja dos Grilos

Near to Porto Cathedral, the Church of São Lourenço, or as it is better known, the Igreja dos Grilos (Crickets Church, in a free translation), is one of the least known churches in Porto, even by its inhabitants.

The viewpoint next to this church offers an amazing view of the historic center and the Douro River. When visiting this place, take the time to visit this church, whose beauty lies in its simplicity.


This iconic bar is one of the most genuine places in Porto. No cocktails, no wine list, no gourmet snacks, no hipster music. Guindalense is a humble drinking hole, no tricks, no frills – but with a breathtaking view, from right on top of the river, next to the Luíz I bridge, which is lit up at night.

It is located in the heart of Porto, in the Sé district, and it’s the perfect place to have a beer at the end of the day, far away from the downtown bustle.

Accept our suggestion and let yourself walk around the city of Porto, with the camera in your hand to capture the perfect pictures. enjoy yourself and relax with the magnificent viewpoints of this beautiful city.