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Autumn break in Portugal

Traveling to Portugal in the fall is a very good option. You miss out on the summer tourist crowds, the weather is still very pleasant, you can expect agreeable sunny days that aren´t overbearingly hot. The unique autumn colors of the landscape will tempt you outdoors to explore the places and the nature activities that you can do here. Historic places, beautiful manor houses, delicious food, and wine. There is a lot to discover and to be enchanted with.

Discover the 5 destinations for you autumn getaway or a half-term holiday in Portugal

Peneda Gerês National Park


Peneda Geres National Park in the North of Portugal is one of the most beautiful places to visit, any time of the year, but especially beautiful in autumn.

You can feel the change of the season in the beautiful landscape, the green is less intense and, the first shades of brown, orange, yellow toasted in the vegetation start to appear, which in some ways are bright colors that warm up the impressive. Its harvest time for the dried fruits of the region, such as walnuts or almonds. corn is harvested too, and preparations begin for the famous cornbread of the region. And also, the grapes, to make them fresh and light “Vinho Verde” (Green Wine), typical of the Minho Region.

Immerse yourself in Portugal´s wild landscape.

Douro Valley


The autumn brings a special magic to the Douro Valley region. The temperature gets softened although the days are still sunny, and the vineyards turn into different shades of red, brown, and gold. It is perhaps the most delightful season to visit this beautiful region, walk along the vineyards, and enjoy a wine tasting and the regions delicious gastronomy, in a quiet and relaxed way. Or for nature lovers, a charming picnic will be the perfect experience.

And visiting Douro Valley in the autumn, you can still participate in the harvest activities, one of the most traditional and enriching experiences.

Let yourself be inspired by the magnificent landscape of the Douro valley.

Arrábida Natural Park


Arrábida Natural Park is a natural paradise, a perfect combination between the blue sea and the deep green earth.

Here you will find everything to enjoy your holidays, from dinosaur footprints ascending the cliffs of Espichel, picturesque villages, a medieval castle on a hill, and a magnificent landscape with its cliffs facing the sea.  During Fall you can take advantage of the mountains and go hiking or try some water sports like diving or canoeing, on the beautiful beaches of this coast.

And also taste the wines of this region, and the region famous cheese – Queijo de Azeitão – with its unique and strongly appreciated the flavour

To be an even more special holiday, spend a day at the Sado Estuary, particularly beautiful in the autumn season with flamingos covering the estuary with a blanket. Enjoy the landscape and the company of the Dolphins, playing cheerfully in these waters.

A perfect autumn break, between the sea, the river, and the mountain.



Alentejo is one of the most beautiful and mystical destinations in Portugal. The landscape is simply marvelous with views into infinity plains, wheat fields that alternate with vineyards, olive groves, and forests of the cork oak.

It is a land rich in culture and traditions, the presence of the castles recalls the fights and the conquest of this place, the village’s architecture confirms the Moorish presence and influence. Every village has its peculiar stories, customs, and gastronomic traditions, and the unique atmosphere of this land seems to remind us that here, life has another rhythm.

Visiting the Alentejo you must take time to visit the unique wineries of this beautiful region, that produce some of the most awarded wines of Portugal. Like the landscape surrounding us, these wines show us their strength and personality.

In the Alentejo all should be calmly enjoyed as here, the rush is a word that doesn’t exist.

Serra da Estrela

Mountain Landscape with glacial lake in the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain in Portugal and is also a renowned winter destination. In this beautiful landscape scenery, you can deeply feel the mountain silence. A network of hiking trails covers the area, so it is a perfect place to explore. In cold weather, Serra da Estrela is the only place in Portugal where you can try ski, or go sledding, snowboarding, or ride a snowmobile.

You will be enchanted with the pretty villages such as Seia, Covilhã, and the nearby city of Castelo Branco. Or you can admire glacier valleys at Loriga, Manteigas or Covão do Urso and Covão Grande. It is also a perfect destination to taste the delicious Portuguese gastronomy, and this region produces one of the most famous cheeses in Portugal, the Queijo Serra da Estrela.

Nature, adventure, culture, history, health, and many flavors, just choose your path.

Choose the destination that better suit your needs and enjoy memorable experiences. Contact our team for more information and appreciate your autumn vacations in safety in Portugal.