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The Aveiro Ria – 3 Unique Experiences

The Ria is the heart of Aveiro, it identifies the city, gives it its brightness and life, and defines the local traditions.

In Aveiro, everything happens around these 47 kilometers of water near the sea.

The Aveiro Ria began to develop during the 15th century, when the shoreline moved back and left behind sandpits along an area of thousands of hectares, creating a lagoon.

Nowadays, it has become a network of water channels, reflecting the colour of the Moliceiro boats and the Art Nouveau houses, which have caused Aveiro to be known as the Portuguese Venice.

It is a beautiful and peaceful place, classified as a protected area, and it is vital for Aveiro. A great part of the population has always depended on the Ria to work. The city’s economy is based on fishing, the production of salt, and shipbuilding.

However, over the last few years, the Ria has adapted to modern needs and leisure activities. And we want to share with you a list of memorable experiences at the Aveiro Ria.

A private cruise in a boat moved on solar energy


A private cruise in these beautiful and quiet waters, in a high-tech boat, completely ecological, silent, and powered with solar energy. You will be in touch with the Aveiro Ria, the history of this lagoon, and its wildlife.

Relax and enjoy the unique light of this place, feel the breeze in one of the Portuguese most beautiful landscapes. And on this journey, you will taste Aveiro´s gastronomy, oysters, clams, fresh fish, and the famous pastry – the ovos moles, made with eggs and sugar, all these sided with a refreshing sparkling wine from Bairrada, the local wine region.

A unique nautical experience to discover through sight and taste.

Treat your skin with a salt Spa


The salt baths will make you feel like you are swimming in the Salt Sea.

First, you cover your body with mineral wet salty mud. Then just lay in the sun and let the mud dry before getting into the water. This extremely saline water contains nutrients and minerals, that are beneficial to blood circulation and skin hydration.

This experience you make will feel wonderfully relaxed.



The Aveiro Ria is the largest wetland in the northern half of Portugal and a perfect destination for Birdwatching lovers, due to the excellence of its natural habitats for protected species. The habitats are especially relevant for the nesting of water birds, as they are mostly salt ponds, lagoons, and dunes. This place is home to over 20.000 wintering waterbirds.
There are several different types and locations for Birdwatching. One of the most relevant is the Reserva Natural das Dunas de S. Jacinto, with a heavy concentration of birds. But there are others, like SPA’s (Special Protection Areas) of Pateira de Fermentelos and Pateira de Frossos, Lagoa do Paraíso (Paradise lagoon), among many others.
Bring your binoculars and feel the wildlife of this region.

At the end of the day, set aside some time to discover the beautiful city of Aveiro, with its Art Nouveau architecture.  Make a stop at the beautiful blue building named “Casa de Chã” (Tea House), a café with an outdoor garden and Art Nouveau Museum upstairs. Admire Aveiro´s beautiful pavements, with the black and white “calçada” (cobble stones) with sea motifs and geometric forms.


And if you enjoy local markets, there are two places in Aveiro that you must visit. The indoor market at Praça do Mercado, and the fish market in Praça do Peixe. And nearby to these markets, you will find many excellent restaurants to end your day with a delicious dinner. We suggest the local seafood, other specialties include Cod and Lamprey.
There is so much you can choose from, with the certainty that it will be delicious!

Discover Aveiro and you will be seduced by this beautiful and charming city, and by its unique Ria.

If you want to know more about things to do in Aveiro, contact our team, and we will be glad to share with you the most genuine experiences in Portugal.