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5 Portuguese Songs about Saudade

Saudade is the melancholic feeling of loss and the desire to meet someone again or find something that we have lost, it is a very Portuguese feeling. It is said that Saudade is one of the Portuguese words that cannot be translated, but music makes it universal.

We share here some Portuguese songs that evoke Saudade, the longing for someone, a time, or the longing for someone who is yet to be known.

Amália Rodrigues – O Fado da Saudade

amalia-fado (1)

Fado music is perhaps one of the best examples of the expression of longing, and Amália Rodrigues is the unmistakable depicting of this music style. Just like the blues in the USA, the tango in Argentina, or the flamenco in Spain, Fado was born in poverty and portrayed lost love, mourning, and fatefulness.

Madredeus – O Mar

madredeus-portuguese-music-band (1)

Madredeus is one of the most famous Portuguese music bands in the world. Their music blends influences from Portuguese popular music and Fado, with Classical music and contemporary popular music. This beautiful melancholic and poetic music is very expressive of the connection of the Portuguese people with their element, the sea.

Cesária Evora –Sodade

cesaria-evora-cabo-verde-singer (1)

A ballad of the immigrants from the island of São Nicolau, immortalized by the Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora. This beautiful song is about Cape Verdean people working in the coffee and cocoa plantations during the time of Portuguese colonialism.

Heróis do Mar – Saudade

herois-do-mar-portuguese-band (1)

Let’s go back to the early 80s, with a performance by a mythical Portuguese band, Heróis do Mar. The Saudade in this song evokes the feeling of the old Portuguese sailors.

Trovante – Saudade

trovante-portuguese-band (1)

The Portuguese band Trovante, emerged in the late 1970s, with lyrics that combined a strong political message with the sounds of traditional Portuguese music. This is clearly shown in this song, which evokes Saudade.

These are some of the songs that evoke the nostalgic feeling of Saudade, but the list is much longer, and the best will be to enjoy a beautiful song while discovering the delights of Portugal. Contact our team, who will help you design an unforgettable and unique experience in Portugal.